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Hack your toys
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engineering and design

This activity helps students to become acquainted to designing products themselves and see their design in an entrepreneurial context.


Students start with an activity to get acquainted to the idea of designing and problem solving. Every group has 16 playing cards and is asked to build a house of cards that is at least 25 cm. After building their house, the students are asked to write down in verbs what steps they took in the process (e.g. asking questions, building, failing, testing, improvements). Introduce the process of designing: Problem - Explore - Design - Make - Test and improve

In the next activity students are going to solve a problem. In Europe, many children throw away their toys as soon as they do not want to play with them anymore. That is a waste of material. The students are about to design a new life for their old toys: hack your toys. The students make a design, build their toy and test and improve it. Let the students present their toy and explain what they have made.



150 mins


25-30 students


Hack your toys
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