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Amazing Restaurants
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Business, enterprise, entrepreneurship, political economy

The purpose of this activity is to encourage the students to think in a creative and innovative way, by suggesting an amazing/unique restaurant. Through this activity the students understand the importance of developing a unique business idea that will not be easily imitated and will attract specific target groups, with their own characteristics. The students also get the chance to develop their creativity and innovation skills along with an entrepreneurial mindset.   


The facilitator explains to the class that they will design, draw and present their unique restaurant. The students are divided into groups of 4 people, making sure there is equal representation of boys and girls. As in all team exercises, random roles can be assigned to team members to make sure people assume a role that they are usually not at ease in taking.


Once the teams are created, the facilitator first presents unique and amazing restaurants from all over the world, to inspire and create enthusiasm among the students and to give them nice ideas for the development of their own unique and amazing restaurant. The presentation is implemented using the ready-made PowerPoint developed.


The facilitator can also add more amazing restaurants, including those that exist at local/national level. The teams are then asked to come up with their own amazing restaurant, using their most crazy ideas. The students need to think hard about the clients they want to attract (target audience) and market-product fit. 



120 mins


20-25 students


Amazing Restaurants
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